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Transportation Forms

February 01, 2023

All forms can be filled out online and submitted by email or printed and faxed.

Application for Enrollment Certificate

Per DPS:  Bus drivers requesting an enrollment certificate MUST be enrolled in the next available 20 hour certification course before receiving the enrollment certificate.

DPS Forms

  • SBT-6 (Application for Copy of Driver Records for School Bus Drivers)
  • SBT-7 (Reporting of School Bus Evacuation Training)
  • SBT-9 (School Bus Accident Report with Advertisement)
  • SBT-10 (Notification of School Bus Advertising)
  • SBT-11 (Medical Examination Rpt for Commercial Driver Fitness Determination)
  • SBT-12 (School Bus Drivers' Driving Record Evaluation)
  • SBT-13 (Previous Employment Alcohol & Controlled Substances Testing Request)
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